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    By Derf,


    AusNetworks PTY LTD (Australian Gaming Networks's Network Provider) has scheduled an outage for tonight/tomorrow 14/10/16 11pm - 15/10/16 5am.  During these times AusNetworks is moving upstream providers. These means AusNetworks will have to take down the entire network physically remove all of AU-GN's servers and relocate them to another location. AusNetworks have stated that the downtime per server will be minimal and they are aiming to do the move at a non peak time. I will be attending the Data center myself to ensure the move is as smooth as possible and to assist if there are any issues during the network change.


    What does this mean to me? (12ie edition)

    Well you are probably 12 years old and will be in bed when we perform the move so you won't notice a thing. But essentially there will be a little downtime on your end. I will be the one dealing with the complicated stuff so all good. fall asleep at your usual bedtime your parents have set for your specific needs and when you wake up it will be like nothing has changed.


    What does this mean to me? (Normal People)

    For those who actually like playing AU-GN on the weekends all night and all day, yes there will be some downtime whilst we completely move networks. Everything you know and use will be shutting down this includes: Game Servers (Gmod, CSGO, Etc), Teamspeak, AU-GN.com.au and all other things associated with AU-GN. If you need help or want status updates I will be updating Spextic / Whip-Tide what is happening so please annoy him as if you were to annoy me it would slow down the time taken for the server move. If you want to skype or talk to me during the move hurry up and contact me before it happens. If you want $100 please go on teamspeak during the outage and I can arrange that.


    Can you go indepth of the processes you are going to take?

    As AusNetworks has expanded throughout the time AU-GN has existed they require "More Room" so they are changing providers to get ready for the expansion in the future. This forces them to remove all of their servers and move them to a different rack in the data center. Moving racks ensures expansion for the future and also has benefits for AU-GN like... 

    1. Australia's leading source of DDoS mitigation (110% better protection than what we currently have)

    2. MORE POWER!!!!!

    3. Cost savings for AU-GN if you are with the following isp's: Vodafone, IINet, Equinix or any of these: https://www.megaport.com/services/ix-connected-networks/

    4. Faster CDN for clients to download files.

    5. Fully Redundant Network with Fail over



    p.s whip can you go over and fix my spelling mistakes, etc I ceebs re-reading this.


    VIP Benefits

    By Whip-Tide,



    Donating to Australian-GamingNetwork you receive many things! Benefits will vary between our servers as some does not suit others! 
    VIP Benefits that are listed below may be altered at anytime with no prior notice.


    Forum VIP Group
    When you donate you will recieve VIP on the forums!

    Forum Donation Awards
    We want the community to notice our donators, no matter what size of a donation.

    white-01.png Donated $5+ 

    green-01.png Donated $20+ 

    yellow-01.png Donated $50+ 

    purple-01.png Donated $100+ 

    red-01.png Donated $150+ 

    blue.png Donated $200+ 

    Server Reserved Slot
    On each of our servers there will be 10 reserved so VIPs are still able to join when the server is full.

    In-Game VIP Chat Tag
    When a VIP types, they will have a '[VIP]' in front of their name in green!

    In-Game Chat Colours (!colours)
    VIPs are able to change their colours of their text to what they like! Some colours include Red, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Pink and more!

    In-Game VIP Hats (!hats)
    A VIP is able to type !hats and is able to choose over 20 hats to wear and stylize your playermodel without to many downloads.

    Teamspeak Channel
    VIPs are able to get there own private channel on our Teamspeak Server (ts.au-gn.com.au). Todo so, just ask one of the Staff Members to create you one and they will also give you Channel Admin so you have control of your private channel and kick those annoying friends that keep their mics on when they go to dinner.


    More VIP Benefits are on their way! Stay Tuned!

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