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    AU-GN Current position

    By Derf,

    Hello Everyone,


    I've decided to write this post out to explain a lot of things. 



    First of all I thoroughly enjoy setting up servers for the public domain, I've had a very good and honorable experience setting up the Melbourne CS:GO Gaming Community.


    Unfortunately this takes a huge toll on myself and the other administrators trying to moderate the community. Personally I work 6 Day's a week as some of you may or may not know. this is ranged from 5:30am to 6pm. By the time I get home I'm extremely exhausted from my work and Don't have the energy to deal with AU-GN.


    The second thing that I want to make completely clear to all of the community is how much this costs me to run. Owning my own Enterprise company I choose to host my own servers so it in turn costs less and I can easily troubleshoot servers. BUT the financial strain that this community puts on my main company I've force to upgrade my network constantly. Currently we are paying per GB (gigabyte) of data. I would like to let you know that the Australian-GamingNetwork currently pulls a constant 60mbit/s  (7.5 megabytes a second) this is only the game servers and doesn't include our fast downloads servers. on average we have about 1-2 Terabytes taken just in Fast downloads alone. And then the game server data on that (7.5mbs/ x 60 (one minute) = 450mb a minute x 60 (1 hour) = 27 GB x 24 (1 day) = 648GB a day. you can see where I am getting up to. Now I agree that we don't always pull 60 mbit but on average during the day this is what we pull. On Average we pull around 10TB a month just for game servers. Now I don't know about you, but there isn't a $90/month for unlimited data sort of thing in the enterprise business. I pay per 1TB @ the rate of $90. Do they math :)


    So the conclusion. 

    We can go one of three ways. 


    1. Accept a Donator rank ($10 Permanent. gets you !hats !colors and other stuff!)

    2. Shut down AU-GN

    3. Reduce the server count to 1-2 and reduce slots. and disable fast downloads. (regular download speed) (essentially takes about 5x long to join) 


    I've created a poll for you guys to vote on what should happen, But unfortunately its costing myself way to much by myself. 


    if you have any other suggestions on how to save the community please post below. I wan't serious answers only as this is a very serious matter.




    21/08/16 - Updates

    By Whip-Tide,

    Hello all,

    So as you can tell by the time of this post its abit early haha. I've stayed up the night to work on the forums as i cant get that much done during the day as stuff happens. So here is what ive done. You may be wondering where all the old applications went? I have a new system in place instead of a copy paste a post and edit it, you now go to a page and fill out a form and it creates a post! The old Accepted and Denied applications have been put in the new locations, and the old Active applications have been moved into a 'Archive' forum, this may cause some confusion but the people that had active applications can re-apply without waiting. If you have any concerns please PM me on the forums.




    • IP Board Theme
    • Added some new forums


    • Removed some forums and combined it with others.


    Potential Forum Update

    By Blootz,

    Please vote on which theme you find more desirable. Try the live demos to take a closer look at what they offer. Bear in mind, backgrounds are customizable, so don't base your opinion on the background because it doesn't "match the theme" of the community. None of them really do, but I will be making a GMod X CS:GO background anyway, that may be used.

    Alongside this potential theme update, I hope to be able to make smaller tags similar to the current ones, but thinner so that they don't take up as much surface area in posts. That, and reworking some ranks. 

    This forum rework is not confirmed as of yet, though hopefully I will get the go ahead from Spex and Derf sometime soon. I am just wanting to get some ideas on the base, so the theme, that people would want if  it were to happen.



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