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  1. Might Quit CSGO

    Thanks guys for all the feedback and suggestions, I had a break for a week and looked in my games library. Found out I had more than I thought, also downloaded some F2P games, don't play csgo as much so whenever I do it's really enjoyable.
  2. Might Quit CSGO

    Yeh, I agree. I will see what it's like not playing it as much. I also like the idea of branching out, I'm up for the idea but I don't know about the community. We'll see, thanks for the reply.
  3. Might Quit CSGO

    Hello AU-GN, possibly goodbye...forever Some of you may know me as Velo or Jmeg possibly even Mistyy. I am thinking of csgo I'm fed up with this game so I want advice. I'm 70% sure of quitting but I'm not certain so yeh. I may quit completely and just come on in the weekends, depends though. Comment down below on what I should do and maybe put some ideas in, I have had some like take a break for a week. Should I quit or should I stay.
  4. TheAlmightyPotatoe's Application

    -1 for me. On deathrun abuses the knowledge of knowing how to glitch the AK on aztecan, he also knows fully that the admins do not tollerate it.
  5. Buja B's Administrator Application

    +REP Seen Buja frequently on the server and I believe he is a good candidate. A lot of the community knows him and is fond of him. I also like the detail he has put in his application.
  6. Mod Application

    What position are you applying for? Moderator. What server are you applying to be staff on? Melbourne Surf 1 & 2. How old are you? 14 Do you have a microphone? If so how often do you use it? Yes I have a mic, used rarely but I do use it in mornings and at random moments in the day, Explain any past experiences as a staff member. I have been an admin on another surf server on csgo and have been an admin on 2 TF2 Servers, one was a Saxton Hale and one was a Surf server, I have lots of experience in administrating/moderatoring a surf server. Why do you want to be a staff member? To be honest I just like being in a position of importance and because I want to be able to moderate the campers, mic-spammers, ghosters and just annoying people who are mean and won't stop. Other Information. I have a decent amount of knowledge for moderating a surf server and I believe most of the community knows me so I will get on easier with most of them. I am regularly on the servers as well. If I'm not on I'm either, at school, on bus, doing homework, asleep, don't want to play CS:GO, with family doing something or at church. But in my free-time I am mostly on CS:GO and on your servers unless I'm playing comp (but I'm usually banned). Profile Link: Here Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:160619345
  7. Velo's Mod Application

    I haven't told you that I've only used 3 accounts, before I used two only, I had a smurf and a main that was it. I got a false vac on my main and my smurf was hacked and lost its knife, I never intended to go on my smurf when I was banned on main as well. Now I only have this one account and that is it.
  8. Velo's Mod Application

    What position are you applying for? Moderator What server are you applying to be staff on? Melbourne Surf How old are you? 15 Do you have a microphone? If so, how often is it used? Yes, rarely used and I do not believe a lot of people on melbourne surf have heard me. Explain in thorough detail any previous experience you've had in a staff position: I was an admin on a CS:GO Surf Server a while back and was also an admin on 2 TF2 servers back in the day. A surf one and Saxton Hale. Why do you want to be a staff member? To moderate the server when other staff are not on the server, and i also think that the server needs to have staff the actively does things that are required to keep the server up to shape without people mic spamming or tele camping. If I do see camping I would give them 3 warnings. If they get 3 and I have to warn them again that will be a kick. If they continue to camp it will result in a ban, not too long. Other Information* I know how to manage servers, I have around 800 hours on surf servers in my whole time of gaming. Profile link: Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:160619345