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  1. What the frikk happened to the server

    I laugh every time i see someone say that... They should take a step back and understand the 2 `Staff Managers` and the `Developer` and think what they did lol...
  2. NewExton Police Department Application What Is Your Full Legal Name Larry Lows What Is Your Gender Male How long have you lived in NewExton? 6 Hours How much time can you put into the Police Force? 2-4 Hours a Day You see a person activity breaking and entering a house. What do you do? D: Do nothing and continue eating doughnuts. You see an offender going 120 km/h in the city. What do you do? B: Call in the SWAT team. Why do you wish to join the NewExton Police Force? Because, I am the Law.
  3. Internet Speeds

    Mines Better http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6913023801

    Hello Everyone! Im doing a giveaway for PUBG $40 USD! Winner will be drawn on the 1/1/2018 at 12AM. How to Enter To Enter you are required to: Be apart of our Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AU-GN Have 5 posts on the forums. Post a reply saying why you want it.
  5. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Jesse James

    Denied. Copied Xaessar's Application
  6. AU-GN Services Upgrade

    Woo! Can't for the 6x512gb SSD RAID + other hdds/ssds!
  7. a jackpot or something

    I currently own this https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/209/lottery-system May be a good idea, lotterys can go over a few days so can get massive maybe?
  8. Changing Vehicles to Simfphys

    To unrealistic for Rp sorry
  9. Bitminers

    Bitminers were good but problem with them was the fans lagged the server so hard.
  10. Weather cycle

    Maybe if the client can disable it then it might be okay because some people think it would be annoying as hell. I personally think it would be a nice addition.
  11. phones to call 000

    Sparked a good intrest, Moved to To-Do
  12. CSGO Crash Gambling

    Would be a good idea, maybe instead of using DarkRP $$ it uses Casino Chips?
  13. Forum Game

    !ban Xaessar 1 So fresh you can suck my left nut
  14. What is your dream car/s?

    Hands down, Audi RS7