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  1. What the frikk happened to the server

    you're pretty fkn tryhard arent ya lmao
  2. Happy 100th birthday, lol.

    1. Jeremy


      101st. blootz. you cant play with lego anymore. im sorry

  3. Aesthetics = extra effort = passion Of course a pretty application with rubbish content is going to be disregarded, but if you have two applications with equally good content, but one applicant has taken the extra step of 'prettifying' their application, which is going to be more appealing?
  4. [Garry's Mod DarkRP] Staff Application - ▲YassyTheSassy▲

    +rep No idea who you are, but as for the only thing I base my reps off, you've done a bloody good job with your application. I like the colour fade effect for the questions, and more importantly, I like the detailed, well-written responses to the questions. I'm usually pretty adamant on looking for the flaws in an application/candidate by looking at the applicants history, so I sifted through your posts as well, not being able to find any I'd consider a violation of the forum rules, which surprisingly is a rare occurence. Good job
  5. G'day. This is somewhat of a suggestion but considering it revolves around higher ranking staff it should be fine in administration topics. It's basically all linked to the applications. 1) in the form for applying , I quote one of the administrator requirements: You must have had previous experance within a staff role. change that to *experience. 2) even in applications that actually required a brain to make like this one , the fact that a period is automatically added at the end of all the short answer questions turns what should be a full stop into an almost-ellipsis. Like an ellipsis but not even, because it's only '..' instead of '...' when it should be '.' , you get me? 3) change the default colour for the application questions from blue to something that is actually bright, and write in the prerequisites that people should edit their application to make it unique, or just link them to my applying and replying tips thread because it's got some good tips that people just do not follow. When people do crappy applications they get disregarded but those who put the effort in but don't change the formatting a bit suffer from the readers being occasionally disoriented when every paragraph looks exactly the same "blue white blue white blue white". I've seen this mentioned once or twice before and I've personally always thought it. Obviously nothing has to be changed, but I highly suggest paying more attention to detail and being a tad bit more meticulous when it comes to resources that people use to become staff on AU-GN.
  6. [Garry's Mod DarkRP] Staff Application - spagoot

    -rep did not meet minimum requirements for applying. I can spot multiple grammatical errors throughout the application, so that will need to be addressed if you want to evoke a professional vibe. You are also shitposting throughout the forums to up your content count, alongside 2 double posts in a row, one is 4 minutes apart.
  7. I'm off too.

    I've been around since day 1, making me the longest serving staff member (over 2 years now, woweeeeee). To all the GMod members and staff who don't really know what I did here, let me give you a quick history lesson: I helped setup the forums in the first place, hence why my account is the second account made, right after the default 'Admin' (October 31st, 2015), I served as a moderator on the surf server for around 2 months, as well as donating money to ensure the server keeps above the monthly goal, I was promoted to administrator on surf and received it on deathrun as well for around 4 months, and the rest of the time I was a senior global admin across all AU-GN servers/forms of communication (1 of 2 in the entire community), and the only forum manager. What do I have to show for it? Well let's see. Yeah, no. Nothing. In my opinion, the day AU-GN stopped being a community was when surf eventually died. It was such a tight knit group of people who were willing to accept others into the circle and everyone was friends with everyone. I never experienced the GMod community in it's prime so I am not at all trying to throw shots, because from not even playing, but hearing things from @Shane and seeing how dedicated a lot of the staff members were, I can jump to a fairly accurate conclusion that the staff in itself made the DarkRP worthwhile, so a big thanks on my behalf to each and every DarkRP staff member who worked hard and gave AU-GN a good reputation. Anyways, in case ya'll didn't get the point just yet, I'm leaving. Four reasons, one; I am officially redundant because I don't have the permissions to do my job properly, and have been explicitly told I will not get them, two; the community is boring because power does not get separated equally anymore, three; Shane left, and finally; I don't wish to be apart of a community that resembles North Korea in its structure. Arrivederci e buona fortuna.
  8. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - [GL] Speedygungales

    A few grammatical errors that could use some attention. I'll let you find them yourself. Please explain though; how are you almost at the point of being neurotic due to being meticulous/thorough? I mean, even in non-technical terms, neurosis still doesn't relate to having precise attention to detail.
  9. [] Staff Application - Natsu x Lucy

    1) you cannot directly apply for admin without having been mod first, so nobody was thinking that. 2) I'm not really too sure what happened with the posting of 3 applications. Lewis hid 2 of them because this one appears to be the most complete, but I deleted the one with 0 replies, and you still haven't really taken the criticism from the second application into account on this one. 3) I don't mean to be a nit-picky asshole, but I don't really believe that you convey the 'mature'-type staff member we are looking for, and that is judged off of 3 applications. Let me justify this; you did not take the initiative to read and adhere to our prerequisites; you created 3 separate applications instead of editing the first one, and again, I don't mean to be a nit-picky asshole, but your grammar is atrocious. You said you're 17 in one of your previous applications which means you're either going into year 12 or 11. I, and I can speak on behalf of Shane here as well, expect our staff to serve as as the prime example of what AU-GN is, and we need them to portray a professional persona when interacting with members of the community, and that starts with their application, so I suggest you fix up all the grammatical errors throughout.
  10. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - KOTO

    Application DENIED. Please wait a minimum of two weeks before re-applying and additionally, ensure that you have taken the minimum requirements into consideration. Also, provide additional information, such as your RP name, SteamID and warns.
  11. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Check the Logs

    -1 At the time of posting you did not meet the prerequisites provided, and you still haven't met the 200 word minimum for the "explain why you're applying for staff" question. If we check your post history it is made very apparent that you put 0 thought into any of your responses as they're all spammed in the time span of 1 hour, and most of them were shitposting.
  12. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Lolly -CC-

    Anyone can +1/-1 an application.
  13. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Lolly -CC-

    I have a genuine question that I want an actual answer for, and as sarcastic as I can be sometimes, I mean to ask this in a curious way; you have seemingly already accepted the fact you need a higher level of trust, respect and maturity in terms of the community, so what made you apply now?
  14. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Purpl

    Application DENIED. Please wait a minimum of two weeks before re-applying and additionally, ensure that you have taken the minimum requirements into consideration.
  15. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Pablo #LsTheWorld

    Application DENIED. Please wait a minimum of two weeks before re-applying and additionally, ensure that you have taken the minimum requirements into consideration.