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  1. Hello Everyone. We have had some feedback regarding the AU-GN SantosRP server. I would like to create a poll to get feedback whether we should change the SantosRP gamemode to DarkRP for a trial to see how it would end up. Please leave your feedback below Changes: MAP: RP_NEWEXTON2_AUGN_V1 GAMEMODE: DARKRP ADDONS: YES Thanks Derf
  2. Drones

    Nice! I had a Parrot Beebop drone. I use to use it for work as I was lazy and didn't want to climb buildings. My sister then wanted me to show her how it flew at the beach one day. I'm not quite sure what happened that day whether the GPS failed or what not but the drone stopped responding to the controller signal and it went about 40 meters in the air and flew away into the trees. So yea now I am down $700 cause it wanted to fly away. Made me sad that day not going to lie. ~DErf
  3. What do you drive?

    I don't know why this thread was locked perhaps the admin that did it could explain. Anyway TUG TUG TUG TUG TUG
  4. Memes?

    Locked. Not a serious thread
  5. Waffles

    Locked. This thread is not serious enough to actually waste storage in our database server.
  6. Best ways to Get 15 posts (not really)

    Coming from at least 20 communities I know how to shit post follow these basic points: Create a debatable thread Pointless polls Images of something that is slightly interesting from your real life What is better threads guides (A lot of effort though) Bug Reports Your setup posts Recommendations
  7. After review of the footage I have banned all three involved. Thread closed.
  8. Internet Speeds

    I use to have 10 gigabits then my mom and dad got divorced now I only have 5

    @here Congratulations to @Steve Johnson for winning a copy of PUBG!
  10. AU-GN Services Upgrade

    Update: All Web Services have been moved to the new node. We are currently making multiple backup of the game server before permanent termination is created and there is no going back. I will post updates regularly ~Derf

    me or ban
  12. Guess The Song #2

    I think this gets the 2017 award for being the most off topic thread I've ever seen.
  13. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - [GL] Speedygungales

    DENIED Please be more involved with the community and re-submit an application at a later date.
  14. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Check the Logs

    DENIED Not an Active player
  15. [GMOD DarkRP] Staff Application - Dan

    DENIED Failed to read pre-requisites